How It Works

1. Facebook doesn’t give a simple way to link to your friends from a particular state. However, if you click here, it will give you a list of your friends with “Georgia” in their profile (unfortunately, in any way, inclulding that as their name!).

2. Once you’ve found your friends in Georgia, write and send the message you want to send to your friends (or copy any of our suggested text), and then click the link and work through messaging your Georgia friends. (Friend-to-friend communication is the most effective technique that there is in politics.)

Suggested Text

Copy and paste parts of the text below to compose a message for your Facebook friends in Georgia

I’m writing to you because of the extreme importance of the upcoming runoff elections in your state. It will not just decide who represents Georgia. It will also decide whether Mitch McConnell controls the Senate.

As you may know, McConnell has made it his career to block important changes that would help ordinary Americans. McConnell has promised more of the same if he controls the Senate. He has promised to stop every important Biden initiative — because he can. If McConnell wins, we’ll see four more years of stalemate: No programs to address COVID, no programs to get our economy moving again, no help to people who are suffering, no chance to make our democracy work again.

However, if Georgia goes blue, then Joe Biden will have a chance to deliver on the promises he has made. For example, the country may get immediate aid to deal with the pandemic; extended unemployment benefits for people who lost jobs during the crisis; a new round of aid for small businesses; expansion of the Affordable Care Act; ambitious infrastructure projects; transition to a more carbon-free energy sector; and potentially more.

Here’s what you can do:

These election are extremely important for the direction of the entire country, and I appreciate you hearing me out.

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